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{1 Samuel 9:7} Then said 559 z8799 Saul 7586 to his servant, 5288 But, behold, x2009 [if] we go, y3212 z8799 x1980 what x4100 shall we bring 935 z8686 the man? 376 for x3588 the bread 3899 is spent 235 z8804 in our vessels, 3627 x4480 and [there is] not x369 a present 8670 to bring 935 z8687 to the man 376 of God: 430 what x4100 have we?
what shall:
"Depart not hence, I pray thee, until I come unto thee, and bring forth my present, and set [it] before thee. And he said, I will tarry until thou come again." {Jdg 6:18} + "And Manoah said unto the angel of the LORD, I pray thee, let us detain thee, until we shall have made ready a kid for thee. ... And Manoah said unto the angel of the LORD, What [is] thy name, that when thy sayings come to pass we may do thee honour?" {Jdg 13:15-17} + "And take with thee ten loaves, and cracknels, and a cruse of honey, and go to him: he shall tell thee what shall become of the child." {1Kg 14:3} + "And there came a man from Baalshalisha, and brought the man of God bread of the firstfruits, twenty loaves of barley, and full ears of corn in the husk thereof. And he said, Give unto the people, that they may eat." {2Kg 4:42} + "And the king of Syria said, Go to, go, and I will send a letter unto the king of Israel. And he departed, and took with him ten talents of silver, and six thousand [pieces] of gold, and ten changes of raiment." {2Kg 5:5} + "And the king said unto Hazael, Take a present in thine hand, and go, meet the man of God, and enquire of the LORD by him, saying, Shall I recover of this disease?" {2Kg 8:8}
spent in:
Heb. gone out of, etc
there is not:
We are not to suppose from this that the prophets took money to predict future events: Saul only refers to an invariable custom, that no man approached a superior without some present or another, however small in value. Dr. Pococke tells us of a present of fifty radishes! Other authors mention a flower, an orange, or similar trifles; and Mr. Bruce says, that one who wished to solicit a favour from him, presented him with about a score of dates! "I mention this trifling circumstance," says Mr. B. "to shew how essential to human and civil intercourse presents are considered to be in the East; whether it be dates, or whether it be diamonds, they are so much a part of their manners, that without them, an inferior will never be at peace in his own mind, or think that he has hold of his superior for protection. But superiors give no presents to their inferiors." Presents then are tokens of honour; not intended as offers of payment or enrichment.
have we:
Heb. is with us - Cross Reference Bible Search

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