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{Numbers 34:8} From mount 2022 Hor 2023 x4480 ye shall point out 8376 z8762 [your border] unto the entrance 935 z8800 of Hamath; 2574 and the goings forth 8444 of the border 1366 shall be x1961 to Zedad: 6657
the entrance:
"So they went up, and searched the land from the wilderness of Zin unto Rehob, as men come to Hamath." {Num 13:21} + "And the land of the Giblites, and all Lebanon, toward the sunrising, from Baalgad under mount Hermon unto the entering into Hamath. ... All the inhabitants of the hill country from Lebanon unto Misrephothmaim, [and] all the Sidonians, them will I drive out from before the children of Israel: only divide thou it by lot unto the Israelites for an inheritance, as I have commanded thee." {Jsh 13:5-6} + "When Toi king of Hamath heard that David had smitten all the host of Hadadezer," {2Sm 8:9} + "He restored the coast of Israel from the entering of Hamath unto the sea of the plain, according to the word of the LORD God of Israel, which he spake by the hand of his servant Jonah, the son of Amittai, the prophet, which [was] of Gathhepher." {2Kg 14:25} + "But the Chaldeans' army pursued after them, and overtook Zedekiah in the plains of Jericho: and when they had taken him, they brought him up to Nebuchadnezzar king of Babylon to Riblah in the land of Hamath, where he gave judgment upon him." {Jer 39:5} + "And this [shall be] the border of the land toward the north side, from the great sea, the way of Hethlon, as men go to Zedad; ... The west side also [shall be] the great sea from the border, till a man come over against Hamath. This [is] the west side." {Ezk 47:15-20} - Cross Reference Bible Search

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